Welcome to my Blog.

Hi, I’m Greg Daines, entrepreneur, SaaS executive, customer success enthusiast, father, and unwitting disturber of the status quo. I started this blog because my 20 years in enterprise and SaaS/B2B have taught me that conventional ideas simply do not drive superior results. More often than not, its actually the counter-intuitive ideas that have all the real leverage.

In my professional life, I spend my time doing 3 things:

    1. As a consultant I work closely with SaaS/B2B companies to quickly and radically elevate their customer success performance.
    2. As a speaker and writer, I endeavor to share the unconventional ideas and techniques that the most effective organizations use to drive phenomenal outcomes.
    3. As an entrepreneur and executive I start and grow SaaS/B2B companies with the potential to transform their customers’ results.

This blog is my place to share these powerful ideas and to engage with others out there who have done amazing things.

A little about my background…
I fell in love with enterprise software 20 years ago while studying for a PhD in applied economics at Cambridge University. There was no turning back. I had previously worked in economic development in countries all over the world, with the World Bank and others. I have always been focused on a vision of a better world, and in enterprise software I saw a greater potential to transform the world than anything else that I had experienced. So, I moved to California and started my first enterprise software company.

Since then I’ve started several enterprise software companies, led others to significant growth, and learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I was an early and avid proponent of SaaS and a believer in the potential of the cloud for the enterprise.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the most innovative companies and organizations in the world like: Apple, Google, Amazon, Disney, Intel, Harvard University, and many more. Along the way I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

I have taken all my learnings and developed my own methodology and a set of techniques and tools, which I call “Client Velocity” that I now deploy in my customer success consulting practice to help other companies break through their barriers.

Along the way, I was a Sloan Fellow at MIT digging-in to understand more deeply the challenges that face organizations as they develop and capitalize on their big ideas. I have lectured at MIT on innovation, and am a frequent guest speaker for companies and customer success teams on customer success, innovation, and unlocking breakthrough performance in organizations.

I am very blessed to have a fantastic family that keeps me humble, including my incredible partner, Leilani, and 4 amazing children.

I’d love to get to know you so please reach out to me via any channel below. I look forward to it!

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